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I love their Cakes, Cronuts, Donuts, and Macaroons!


The owner, Linda is super skillful in making fondant cakes (inquire within). I usually order cakes here for special occasions. The cake fillings are made from fresh fruits, not too sweet, & extra moist. Everyone at your party will say "oooooooweeee that was good!"


It's the finest and tastiest donut shop in Southeast San Diego!

I LOVE DONUTS!!!! i eat donuts all the time, i know a good donut when i taste it. this place looks like a dump from the outside but its a gem on the inside. nothing is fancy here, but it doesnt need to be when the donuts are THAT GOOD!


Other hipster fancy donut shops are popping up everywhere with their fancy flavors and whatever, but SDFD (san diegoes finest donuts) is still the best. They are cooked daily, and very often run out before the day is half done. Theyve also just started making cronuts, but their regular donuts are so good the cronuts dont even matter.


-always fresh and made daily

-good prices

-super tastey, with traditional styled flavors (dont mess with a good thing)

I have nothing but good things to say about this place. Been in to buy donuts for myself and the family a few times and each time i am met with great customer service and donuts. Also have a liking for the coconut ice cream they have here, but that's another story.


In all, San Diego's Finest Donuts has always been a positive experience and they make great high quality donuts, so check them out!