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Here at San Diegos Finest Donuts we have been catering San Diego for decades and it has its advantages: We know what San Diegans like and we’ve taken catering San Diego to a different level with our culinary confections and savory treats. Call us today to experience what catering San Diego is all about.


Custom donut cake is a delicious and unique type of cake that we offer to sweet creative addition to any event. We can also make a custom donut cake for many occasions like weddings, parties, or events of any kind. We are very creative and creating sweet creations are what we do best.


Elegant wedding custom cakes must be done with a certain style and creativity. The beauty and unique elegance of a wedding will be an unforgettable event. Making elegant wedding cakes is something we really have a heart for, give us a try we believe you will be pleasantly surprised with the product we produce there is a lot of love that goes into it

Linda Yin Love - Baking from the heart

So much love goes into the wonderful creations that we put together everyday, whether it is custom wedding cakes or our version of cronuts which we believe are the best in San Diego, and with our sweet creations we have added catering to the menu.

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Posted by San Diegos Finest Donuts on Monday, May 19, 2014